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18 May 2016

Milos Islands, the ideal honey moon destination for outdoor enthusiasts

My fiancée and I are great lovers of the outdoors. Before we got married, whenever we could, we spent a lot of time in parks and beaches that are within a short distance from our city. When
3 May 2016

Shopping for the Kitchen

If you are looking for new and improved gadgets for your kitchen, then these rice cooker reviews may help you make the decision easier for you. Aroma 8-Cup (Cooked) Digital Rice Cooker The Aroma 8-Cup Digital Rice
3 May 2016

Cleaning Up After Rover

Let’s face it we all love our pets. But one of the biggest hassles that face us day to day is the cleaning up of their hair. Whether it is on the floor, stairs, or on furniture,
3 May 2016

Cider Your Way to Better Health

If you have a dry scalp you can use apple cider vinegar for dandruff and to get rid of it for good. It doesn’t not cause your hair to dry out or become oily. As the name
3 May 2016

Spiraling to Good Health with Spirulina

Spirulina often gets misclassified as an herb because of its amazing health promoting properties, but it’s actually a bacterium, or a blue-green alga that’s found in pristine freshwater lakes, ponds, and rivers. It is most commonly recognized
3 May 2016

The Benefits of Squash and Vinegar

Spaghetti squash gets its name from the fact that when it is cooked, the inside flesh pulls out of the shell in long strands, resembling spaghetti pasta. Oval shaped and yellow, spaghetti squash can be considered a
29 Jan 2016

The Bitter Truth about Sugar

Everybody loves sugar. It is just about everywhere you go. You put it in your coffee, your cereal, and just about every dessert imaginable. But one thing most people do not consider is how healthy sugar is
29 Jan 2016

Great Gadgets of 2015

There are so many gadgets available that can make your life much easier. From food processors to vacuum sealers, there are many that will save you a lot of time and money. A small investment in these
30 Apr 2015

Push-Up Into A New Person

If you are an athletic individual, you know how important it is to run regularly. It will not only keep you in good shape but also keep your heart and cardiovascular system healthy and strong. There are
30 Apr 2015

When It Pays To Kick The Bottle

Alcoholism is a deadly disease that impacts millions of people. Not just the people who suffer from the disease but also their family and friends. It can be very difficult when someone you love is suffering, especially