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Quick Review on Top Portable Car Fan Coolers this 2019

Are you currently looking for the best car fan cooler this 2019?

With so many car fan coolers available in the market today, choosing the best one can be very confusing. Fortunately, here’s a quick, but reliable compiled review on this year’s best fan cooler that you can choose from.

AboveTek 12V DC Electric Car Fan

If you want a strong-operating fan, the AboveTek 12V DC Electric is one of the best few choices; check out its specifications and its interesting features.

Product Specifications:

•    Fan size: 4” diameter 5 PCS ABS fan
•    Power consumption: 8W – 15W
•    Level of noise: <=50dB
•    Power input: 12V DC on cigarette light socket
•    Product dimension: 10.5” x 5.5” x 3.5”
•    Product weight: 1.1 lbs
•    Length of the cord: 9 ft.

Product features:

•    Quick and effective in removing unwanted smell or smoke from tobacco cigarettes, odor from pets, and dust.
•    Fast in cooling down temp inside the car where the fan is placed.
•    Effective in improving the air circulation and the quality of air that circulates inside the car.
•    Although powerful, the fan operates with low noise motor. Also, it comes with high-quality adhesive stickers that help secure the fan.
•    Fits in Sedan SUV Van Truck, RV boat, and other automobiles

Taotuo Car Cooling Air Fan 12V Auto Vehicle Cooler Vent

The interestingly powerful air fan is one of the popular and reliable portable car air fans you’ll find in the market today. It has a lot of features, including an adjustable speed and a shape-like-cage that increases the air fan’s efficiency. Here are its few specifics and features that you might consider buying:

Product Specifications:

•    Fan size and dimension: 6.3” L x 4.7”W x 5.5”H
•    Fan weight: 1.3 lbs.
•    Power consumption: 12v DC: 7 W
•    Level of noise: <45dB
•    Length of cord: 64.6 inches
•    The color of the fan: Blue and black

Product features:

•    High-quality and powerful fan
•    It is energy-efficient since it consumes less energy
•    Since the fan has cage-shape-design, the wind is cooler and better.
•    It is easy to operate, portable, and aesthetically well-designed.
•    Can be used on most cars, including vans, RV, sleeper cab, ATV, and SUV. Also, it can be brought when camping, fishing, and even hunting.

If in case you are having confusion in choosing the best portable AC for your car, you may use these following tips:

•    Choose which one is easy to install and very portable.
•    Choose an air fan that will perfectly fit inside your car – both in efficiency and aesthetically.
•    Read reliable reviews. One of the best ways of choosing the best portable car fan is through reliable reviews and guides like this.
•    Choose an air fan that provides you with the best experience when it comes to air cooling and comfort.

If you need more information on portable air coolers that can fit inside your car, try to check more reviews and guides at knowtheflo – a reliable website that you can rely on.