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Roxant pro review

Over the years, I have found myself continuously falling in love with my GoPro. It gives you a great platform for your creative juices that you used to apply in sketching out different types of illustrations into creating cool videos. This product can basically solve the major issue that arises in filming while say cycling is the video coming out shaky. It’s useless too, later on, put so much effort in dressing up your video if the one that you started with is more of a crap. You may try using even geeky skills in video software to rectify the shakiness, but you will find that it simply won’t do the job, and on top of that it may crop up your video hence losing that original scale of your vision, the end result you screw up the whole thing. If you are like me then you are probably thinking about having a video stabilizer, then trust Roxant’s Pro Video Camera Stabilizer.


Key Features

The Roxant Pro stabilizer is a complete package as it comes with 3 parts; handle, mainframe and weights. Even though the whole of this unit is metallic, making it a bit heavier than you might think, assembling the stabilizer is very easy all you need is just some screws and you will be done in no time.

The top of Roxant Pro has a soft pad where you mount your camcorder or camera without having to scratch it. Again it is fairly easy to attach the camera as all you need to do is to turn the knurled knob that has been included.


However, the challenge with this stabilizer is that you will have to be very patient for you to get the correct balance. There was a time I spent almost 2 hours balancing the cameras which can be very stressful considering how difficult it is to find that sweet spot to set up the base. I found that it will still take you some effort of your own as I had attempted with two cameras both weighing not more than 2 lbs, but they would still not be still having that side to side movement. Result! The videos did not become stabilized in the areas around the roll axis of the camera. So you got to be very patient with it.

Great response team

Even though the stabilizing issue should not be acceptable, the good thing is your videos will definitely be smoother than the way they used to be before Roxant. To best handle this kind of situation, I would recommend that you contact them for help in stabilizing the Roxant Pro. They are sure to give you great solutions and tips. How do I know this? I reached out to them for help and what they did is suggested that I buy more washers for adding extra weights. This fix is usually successful with most people but what I think is that Roxant should also include this information in the box. It is a great product but no one wants to waste their time struggling with it.

Since making those cool videos of the events such as cycling or hikes that you take will seem like a natural forward step, this is definitely the device for you.