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Sunlight is helpful for skin, as it helps our body to produce Vitamin D that protects us from inflammation, improves immunity & even protects us from cancer. So we all enjoy spending time in the sun. But the UV (Ultraviolet) Rays emitted from the sun, can have severe or even dangerous consequences on our skin. Besides sunburns, overexposure to the sun can also lead to early skin aging, skin cancer, and several other skin problems.

Here is a list of skin problems related to UV rays.

1. Wrinkle lines on our skin

Wrinkle lines on our skin are commonly associated with natural aging. However, UV rays from the sun may speed up the process of skin aging in our body. In particular, UV rays from the sun can break down important proteins in our skin, and collagen, which helps us to maintain our skin’s structure and flexibility. So with less collagen, our skin becomes looser and we can start to see more wrinkles on your face. Please check our website for regaining the elasticity of your skin.

2. Age Spots or Grey Spots

Age spots, also known as liver spots are brown or grey spots that look like enlarged patches. These are areas of extra pigmentation on our skin that result from overexposure to the sun UV Rays. Age spots come in different sizes and appear in places on our body where we get more sun exposure, like your face, hands, neck, and arms. Thankfully, they’re less harmful but grow in number with more exposure to sunlight.

3. Dry & Scaly Lips

Lips are the most overlooked part of our face skin, even for the most diligent sunscreen users. Also, long-term exposure of the lips to UV rays may lead to a skin condition known as actinic cheilitis. A symptom of this skin condition includes chronically dry and scaly lips, affecting mainly the lower lip portion. In some rare cases, this condition can lead to skin cancer if left untreated. Serious dry & scaly lips conditions need immediate dermatologist’s advice.

4. Sagging Skin around our Neck

Besides the skin on our face, sun exposure can also damage the skin around our neck portion of our body. Though the skin in this area starts sagging naturally with aging, this is accelerated due to overexposure to the sunlight. UV Rays from the sun break down our skin cells, and collagen in the skin around our neck, which normally keeps our neck skin firm. So with too much sun, we may notice our neck skin becoming more saggy and loose.

5. Red & Brown Patches

Other skin problem spots that can form on our skin include red & brown patches of scaly skin. This condition is also known as actinic keratosis, and the main reason behind this symptom is long-term sun exposure. These red & brown skin patches may feel rough and scaly, and can also resemble scabs. Also, this condition can potentially be cancerous.

So for preventing our skin problems from sun damage, always remember to apply a sunscreen with a minimum SPF 30, and use other forms of sun protection like sunglasses & protective clothing.