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The Leading Brands of Cordless Drill for Simple and Easy Projects


Having a quality and efficient cordless drill is important whether you are a professional or a DIYer. This tool is a great help when it comes to tasks that involve attaching screws and piecing two objects together. Handpicking a cordless drill can get confusing for some especially for first-time users. One thing you should always remember when choosing a cordless drill is to identify your purpose of buying. If you intend to use this tool for heavy duty projects such as drilling holes in wood, concrete or metals, select a drill that suitable for such function.


However, if you plan to do simple projects like attaching screws for your cabinet or assembling furniture, you can use a cordless drill for small maintenance jobs. One of the best sites that provide reliable information in reviewing leading brands of a cordless drill is DrillTools Center. This review portal posts current updates on the best-seller brands of this tool including their respective reviews from customers. You can click here to see it for yourself. Among these cordless drill brands, here are the top seller drills/drivers for simple and easy projects.


Black and Decker


The Black and Decker cordless drill/driver model LDX120C 20V is a must-have basic cordless tool. This equipment is efficient in performing simple household tasks like fixing frames, cabinets, and drawers. This latest drill model of Black and Decker is powered by a 20V lithium-ion battery. The battery of this tool charges for 4 hours and has a long battery life that allows you to do tasks with no interruptions. This drill has a one-speed setting that ranges from 0 to 650 rpm which is applicable for light drilling. Moreover, this tool is ergonomically designed for prolonged hours of work. Portable-Cable Tool Combo


The Portable-Cable Combo Kit model


PCCK604L2 2 is one of the leading cordless drills in the market. This kit includes two tools which are a drill/driver and an impact driver. This combo kit can help you finish any type of job whether it is simple tasks or a heavy-duty work successfully. This cordless drill brand utilizes a 282 watts output power and 2 varying speed settings. For low-speed control, it can manage a 0-350 rpm whereas the high-speed control of this device ranges from 0-1500 rpm. Indeed, this tool is excellent to your toolbox; however, you have to prepare a bigger budget for this brand.


Genesis Cordless Drill/Driver


If you could not afford expensive cordless drill, for now, you can go for a quality yet cheaper option which is Genesis GCD18BK driver and drill kit. This brand of a cordless drill is one of the most affordable choices you can have. This tool is powered by a NiCd battery with 18 volts of power. It also features a keyless check and sixteen torques. This allows you choose the precise setting you need for specific task. One unique aspect of this drill is its electric brake feature. Hence, Genesis cordless drill stops drilling as soon as you release the trigger.