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The World of Smart Dogs

TemptationWhen it comes to the relationship between a dog and his master, it’s by far one of the most loving relationships out there – much like that of a child and a parent. Dogs are not very much different than children – they love to be spoiled much the same! Giving your dog treats, toys, and lots of attention are the easiest ways to create a happy dog. With that said, a happy dog is not always a healthy dog. Keeping your dog healthy is just as important as keeping your dog happy, and in many ways you’ll achieve one by achieving the other. Here is some advice from an experienced dog owner on how to keep your dog healthy and smart.

A varied diet is one of the best ways to make your dog’s day. Believe me, your dog gets sick of eating the same food meal and meal, and is longing for a real treat. My personal favorite food to give my dog for a treat is a banana. Most dog owners get very cautious and might even shy away from giving dogs people-food, which is understandable, but by doing just a little bit of research you can figure out pretty easily what your dog is able to have and what he is not able to have. Bananas are a great source of protein and energy, and they are wonderfully delicious. The best part of bananas is that they are easy to share as well. You can even split a banana with your dog, or throw some pieces of a banana into his food!

It doesn’t matter how smart your dog is, even if he is one of the smartest dog breeds in the world, he will not always know what he can eat and what he can’t. This is why it is so crucial that your carefully monitor your dog’s diet, and make sure he is not only getting enough nutrients and vitamins, but that he is also staying away from the bad stuff. Foods that are high in fat can give your dog a lot of medical problems, as well the regular foods to stay away from; chocolate, macademia nuts, and grapes are all very toxic to your dog, and should be kept out of reach at all times.