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Tips and tricks for sketching

To become the best artist, you should be able to take your art seriously, and you can do this by owning a sketchbook where you will be making your sketches on a daily basis, from this article, you will be able to get some sketching tips that you can use to better your work. Feel free to read more here.

Avoid Smudging

This is just one of the many Tips and tricks for sketching, you should avoid smudging at all cost, when shading, you should put a sheet of paper under the hand that you are using to sketch, those artists that are right-handed should do their shading starting from left all the way to right while those that are left-handed should perform exactly the opposite.

Soft look

This can be achieved when you scribe on a piece of paper that is crap using your pencil, using your blending stick, you will be required to get the graphite and later transfer it to your original project, with this, you will be able to avoid the presence of pencil lines in the sketch.

Practice blind sketching

This is just like warming up for drawing, and this is basically the act of drawing a subject without having even a single glance on the sketchbook, this is a very exciting way to make your creativity flow.

Choose details

You have to choose the types of details you would like to include in your subject and which ones you would not want to, this is because it would not be wise to include everything that comes to your mind on the subject, especially the tree leaves, you have to see what is pleasing to be included and whatever is not should be left out.

Creation of 3D objects will require one to pay close attention to the three tones known as highlights, the shadows and the mid-tones, the part that will need to face the light directly should be the highlight area, those to face away from light should be shadows, and lastly, mid-tones are to face the other area.

Flip the image you have drawn with a tracing paper

Noticing errors in your drawing can be a bit challenging especially when you have spent a whole lot of your time looking at it, that is why it is advisable that you use a tracing paper to see if there are any errors, this is because with tracing paper you will be able to see how your drawing looks like by flipping it over the drawing, this should be done in order to get excellent results.

To make a very cohesive image, you will have to create a diversity of marks which can work together to achieve this, you can experiment this by using different types of pencils, and all of them should be in different angles.

These tips and tricks are meant for each and every artist, whether you are experienced or a beginner, these are just the best tips for you to go back to in case you face some challenges with your artistic work.