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Tips on How to Safely Remove Road Kill Bug Guts on your Car

Road trips with family and friends are the best experience. Though it can get exhausting, the breath-taking sceneries of nature are enough to boost your energy. Moreover, traveling is one of the perfect chances to bond with your loved ones.

Most families go on trips during the summer and spring seasons. Although autumn is a bit cold for a trip on the road, however, the magnificent changes in nature in this season is not something you should miss. Unfortunately, along with this enjoyable trip expect the onslaught of insects, especially at night.

Road kill bugs are one of the horrible downsides of long-distance road trips. Bug guts look awful on your car’s front bumper and hood. Also, the splats on the windshield are nowhere less terrible.

Bug cuts can also be very destructive in your car. Insect remains produce enzymes when decomposing, which can ruin the car’s finish. Moreover, the stains it left on the windshield could stay for a long time or worse, permanently.

It is why cleaning your vehicle is fundamental after hitting the road. Correct cleaning will remove the insect carcass and enzymes.

As you noticed from above, there is a correct and safe method of removing road kill bug guts. Below are some tips to guide you in safely cleaning your car without damaging its finish.

Step No. 1: Wipe Fresh Road Kill 

If the road kill is fresh, wiping it with a microfiber towel and quick detailer is enough. You don’t have to use strong chemicals to wipe off the guts. But make sure to use the suggested towel to prevent damaging the car’s finish.

Step No. 2: Wash the Body of the Car

For insect remains and dirt on the car for days, the best step is to wash the vehicle with water and suitable washing soap. Also, use a microfiber towel to remove dirt, dust, insect remains, and other debris on your car.

Step No. 3: Use Insect Remains Cleaning Spray

If the dirt and insect remains are stubborn, try to use cleaning spray like the Mckee’s 37 Road Kill Bug Remover. This bug remover has the best cleaning ability when it comes to removing insect guts. It dissolves the carcass fast and easy. Moreover, it is gentle on the car. It won’t damage the vehicle’s paintwork and glass.

When using Mckee’s 37 bug removal formula, you’ll have to let the spray stay for at least three minutes to completely dissolve the enzymes.

Step No.4: Wash the Affected Area

After spraying the affected area and letting it sit for a while, the next step is to wash it thoroughly using either a mitt or a sponge. Scrubbing the affected area will help to remove any tough stains.

Step No.5: Rinse with Water and Dry Clean 

If the car is clean and there is no longer insect remains, you can rinse it with water. After rinsing the car, use a dry clean rag to wipe the moisture. If necessary, repeat this process until all stains are removed.

Indeed, Mckee’s road kill bug remover works excellently in getting rid of tough stains safely. If you need more details about this product and how to keep your car in the best shape, check out the My Automotive Zone.