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Tips to Optimize the Use of Your Android TV Box

4Android TV boxes are now the craze when it comes to entertainment. Not only do they allow you to watch any movie or video on your TV screen in high definition, they also allow you to enjoy the internet without the need of bulky CPUs or expensive hard drives. All you’ll ever need to take full advantage of it is an HDMI compatible TV, an internet connection, and the Android box. Because this box uses Android (the same one you use on your phone, tablet, or other gadgets) you could easily customize it or enhance it to make your Android TV box even better. You can even learn hot to reset your Android TV box to make the system run smoother. Here are some tips for you to optimize the use of your box.

  1. Use Voice Commands

There should be an option on your remote or the top of your home screen that would allow you to use voice search. This feature of Android TV would save you from typing everything on your remote. You only need to say the keywords and the box would do the searching and display for you.

  1. Download Any App You Want

An Android TV can have some restrictions when you try to download certain applications from the Play Store. To be able to remove those restrictions, you can use a file manager such as the ES File Explorer to transfer the APK files of the applications you have chosen to download into your TV. Some applications might not work so well though even if you are able to successfully download them.

  1. Use Your Phone As A Remote

Every Android box has a remote control that comes with it. However, these remotes can be hard to use at times especially if you need to type some really long words or whole sentences. This problem can actually be easily solved by using a downloadable Android TV remote app on your phone. Using a bluetooth connection, you could easily navigate by using the app on your phone.

  1. Play Games Using a Gamepad

Android TV boxes do not only let you watch and surf the internet. They can also let you enjoy different kinds of games online. The boxes are open to bluetooth connections from gamepads for you to be able to play your favorite games better. Some gamepads can also come with a mouse mode that you can use if you just want to browse through sites that can only be navigated by a cursor.

  1. Customize Your TV Home Screen

Just like on your phone, computer, or tablet, you can manage how the apps appear on your home screen. You only need to go to Settings, and click on Home Screen under System Preferences. From there, you can hide whatever apps you don’t want to show up on your screen. You can also go to Apps and Games, then Organize Games and Apps, and lastly Customize for the system to allow you to arrange the icons on your screen. Aside from these, you can also modify the display on your screen when it’s idle. You can have the time and date, along with the weather on your TV screen.