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Top Reasons Why You Need to Use a Receiver for your Home Theater

Having a receiver for home theater does matter? Find out here.

When it comes to the home theater system, one of the most unpopular devices is the receiver. In fact, you won’t see a lot of topics emphasizing home theater receivers.

What is a home theater receiver?

A/V or audio/video receiver is an electronic component that drives and controls your home theater performance. It receives audio and video signals from a couple of sources to process and drive audio to speakers and route video to monitor or video projector.

  • A/V receiver is an all-in-one unit with multiple inputs for;
  • Audio and video
  • Volume or input controls

Added functionalities, including amplifier, preamp, and even tuner.

So, is it worth it to purchase one for your home theater system? Yes and no.

If you have a home theater system with traditional speakers, investing in a receiver is highly recommended. However, if you own active and wireless Soundbars or satellite speakers, you no longer need a receiver. On the contrary, passive soundbars will need one.

Traditional home theater setup with components such as speakers, woofers, and more, may have problems with connections or may not flawlessly work with one another; for this reason, adding a receiver to your traditional home theater setup is an advantage.

But do you really need one?

Here are the top reasons why for traditional home theater system must use a receiver:

#1: It allows you to connect and switch the audio sources so easily. A/V receiver’s preamplifier section lets you easily select and control the audio sources.

#2: It allows you to connect and switch the video sources so easily. Similarly with the A/V receiver’s audio option, using an A/V receiver allows you to easily select what you want to watch. Also, it enables you to adjust the display conveniently.

#3: Allows you to tune into radio programming. Did you know that you can listen to your favorite music using an A/V receiver? In fact, a lot of A/V receivers can gain access to satellite-exclusive programming, including the paid ones. However, you need to pay for its subscription.

#4: It can amplify audio signals into multiple speakers. One of the notable advantages of owning a receiver is its ability to amplify multiple speakers with 5 speakers as its max; thanks to its multiple channels.

#5: It acts as a control hub. Since it has multiple channels, connecting your speakers, woofers, and other home theater devices to the receiver, it becomes a great control hub. Therefore, this allows you to switch between devices in much greater control. Try to see this page for more details about how useful a receiver is to your home theater system.

Final Thoughts

A/V receiver may look simple but considering its various uses, it becomes one of the essential devices amongst other devices for your home theater system. However, its functionality may vary on models and brands. So, if you are planning to purchase a receiver, you should reliable customer and product reviews first to get only what is the best.