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Travelling to far off countries is what I like doing during vacation

travellingDuring my vacation period, like many people, I like travelling and going to far off countries. Going away to distant destinations for me is like running away from all the hustles of my daily life. When I am away, out in the strange lands, I am able to completely relax and forget all about work and other responsibilities that would otherwise dampen my vacation experience.

I also like travelling to places that I have not been to before. I like the feeling of adventure that is associated with exploring and experiencing new environments. I especially like going to lands where there are different kind of people with different cultures and traditions. I like studying the various behaviors and cultures of different ethnicities whilst in their native lands. As I mingle with the people and their exotic lifestyles, I also like sampling their cuisine.

In all my journeys around the world, I have managed to visit many kinds of peoples and I have managed to live shortly amongst them. Whenever I do this, I like to sample as much of their food as possible. Many times I am able to discover delicious and interesting new delicacies although I also often partake of dishes that are particularly not very interesting. I for example cannot forget taking a mouthful of a Mexican vegetable stew that was stuffed with tamales… the stuff was so hot that I danced around ululating like a mad witchdoctor, much to the amusement of the natives.

During the travels, as I sample the various delicacies, I still try to observe proper nutrition. Whenever I can have someone whom I can communicate with in the foreign countries, I ask them the nutritive values of the food. There are places where I have travelled where some nutrients were so scarce in the native food.

In preparedness for such eventualities, I usually pack some nutritional supplements such as vitamins, minerals, ion, and protein supplements.

Apart from sampling the different cuisines of different people around the world, I also love enjoying the wildlife in different lands. I especially remember having a swell time when I visited Kenya in Africa. Kenya is a haven of wildlife and I enjoyed viewing numerous animals in the savannah grasslands such as the defiant lions, the gluttonous hyenas, the tall graceful giraffes, the gigantic elephants, the swift cheetah, and the terrifying crocodiles.

In Kenya, I also liked the breezy sunny weather. In a resort where I was spending my nights, I would often enjoy the sunset relaxing on a reclining seat sipping on some cool wine. The management noticed that I liked the native wine so much that they had a wine cooler filled with the wine at the right temperature ready for me at all times.

As I travel around the world, I also make sure that I collect as many memories as possible of the places that I visit. I do this by buying souvenirs that are unique to the regions I am visiting and I also make sure that I take as many photos as possible.