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What Celebrities Have The Best facial Hair?

What Celebrities Have The Best facial Hair?

Facial hair has certainly made a comeback, with many well known celebrities sporting the bearded look. The most important thing to remember about facial hair is to keep it looking well trained and neat, displaying that you are in control of the beard, rather than the beard being in control of you.

There is a wide range of beard trimmers that can provide you with a quick and effective way to keep your beard trimmed. Price range can vary widely from device to device so it is worth checking out reviews to find the best beard trimmer for you. things to consider include how the trimmer feels in your hand, whether you are after mains(usually cheaper) or rechargeable.

The range of facial hair styles is as wide as your imagination, but most celebrities go for tried and tested styles of facial hair.

  1. Ryan Gosling successfully sports a heavy moustache with a wispy chin beard. This 70’s look has really made a comeback recently and mixes sleazy with debonaire. This style suits longer shaped faces which have a rounded chin.
  2. Jake Gyllenhaal has really embraced the bearded look. His thickset beard helps to add a sense of gravitas and maturity to his countenance. Although his beard looks quite wild, on closer inspection it is very well tamed. This look suits a round jawline and hairline, but you will need a thick growth of facial hair to pull off this look.
  3. Bradley Cooper tips his toes in the water in the world of beards. A little heavier than 5 0 clock shadow, this beard looks as if its owner has a devil may care look, but actually requires quite a bit of work to keep it the right side of scruffy. This look suits oval, symmetrical faces.
  4. Hugh Jackman. Hugh’s goatee sports a slight splattering of grey. This displays maturity, masculinity and control.
  5. Zac Effron, beard and moustache combo which looks fun ad carefree. This looks better on fuller faces with rounded jaws.

Should you eventually decide to shave off your beard you will need to consider whether you will use a traditional razor or use an electric shaver. You will probably need to trim your beard down first before using the shaver, depending on length and thickness of beard.

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