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What Makes Dried Magic Mushroom Better?

Are you debating whether to buy dried magic mushrooms or cultivate a few strains on your own? If you are, this post might help you big time – whether it is best to choose a dried shroom or grow a shroom.

There are several strains of magic mushrooms you can find online. However, it is more frequent to see online shops, dedicated to selling psychedelic mushrooms, selling dried shrooms than magic mushroom growing kits.

Does it mean dried magic mushrooms are better than fresh ones? The answer is yes and no.

The effects of shroom do not depend on whether it is consumed fresh or dried, but there are factors to consider; these include:

  • Strain
  • Dose
  • And the condition of the tripper

So, why is it highly debated?

Fresh vs Dried Magic Mushroom


One of the factors why trippers are comparing fresh and dried magic mushrooms is their potency. Which is more potent? Is it the fresh shrooms or the dried ones?

Between the two types of shrooms, the two active compounds (psilocybin and psilocin) found in magic mushrooms are higher in fresh shrooms than the dried ones. It is because the said compounds are still intact and stable within the former than the latter. Dried magic mushrooms, on the other hand, contain lower levels of psilocin (a compound that gives hallucinogenic effects similar to LSD). Dried shroom’s psilocin has been reduced due to its exposure to oxygen and heat. Technically, fresh shrooms are more potent than dried ones. However, its potency can be compromised in terms of dosage.


One of the reasons fresh magic shrooms are dosed lower than dried is due to the former’s potency. In other words, there is not much difference if a tripper consumed dried mushrooms at a higher dose compared to fresh shrooms at a lower dose. Its potency will depend on whichever shroom strain you use.

So, what makes dried magic mushrooms better? There are tons of reasons, and here are a few:

#1: Easier to consume

Fresh shrooms are better when it comes to taste. It does not give off an unpleasant aftertaste. However, dried mushrooms are easier to mix on your favorite tea or food. And well-produced dried shrooms can be a good ingredient to your protein shake if you need that physical boost.

#2: Convenient

Even though grow kits are available; growing a magic mushroom is not easy. You need to consider several factors, including:

  • Room humidity
  • Getting the right substrate or shroom bedding
  • Patience

Meanwhile, you only need to look for a reliable magic mushroom shop online to purchase dried magic mushrooms. You do not need to grow one and create a good growing environment for your shroom. It is convenient.

#3: It is easy to look for dried shroom online

Since several countries prohibit growing, cultivating, and selling shrooms, it is not easy to grow or purchase fresh magic mushrooms anywhere or even online. On the contrary, you will find it easier to look for reliable and licensed dried magic mushroom sellers on the internet.

Final Thoughts

Both fresh and dried magic mushrooms can give a good tripping experience depending on the strain, dosage, and the tripper’s condition. However, if it is about convenience, dried magic mushrooms are better.