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What material is used for winter gloves

People that live in really cold climates will tell you that the cold they experience in these areas is nothing like cold weather that most people are used to. The truth is, if you’re from one of the southern states and you spend the winter in New England or a similarly cold area, you’re in for a big surprise. Just as people that are born and raised in cold climates are not accustomed to dealing with the extreme heat that the southern states endure, you won’t be accustomed to dealing with the type of cold that you will have to face.

The Learning Curve

If you’ve always lived in a warm climate and then you end up spending time in a cold climate during the winter, you’re going to learn very quickly what you need in order to be as comfortable as possible. You will truly learn the meaning of a good, warm coat. One thing is certain, you won’t be able to get by with whatever you’ve been using. Instead, you will start learning about winter outerwear very quickly. For example, do you know what material is used for winter gloves? Most people from the south would probably not have a clue, but if you ask someone from one of the colder climates that question, they’ll be able to rattle the answer off to you without even batting an eye. See more here.

Materials Used

Technically, winter gloves are constructed from a material called Nomex. This is the same type of material that is frequently used in the suits that skiers or snowboarders wear. In addition, it’s also used as a fire retardant material for race car drivers and it’s even used in coats made for firefighters. The material is exceptionally durable and it’s very good at blocking out the elements. That’s why it’s so frequently used for winter gloves..

Breaking It Down

Just like the layers of a firefighter’s jacket, these Nomex gloves also have several layers. Obviously, the Nomex is placed on the outer layer in order to keep out the elements. Inside, the gloves are usually lined for comfort and in between, there are several layers of material designed to enhance the warmth of the gloves. Some are designed to increase dexterity by making it easier to grip things with the fingertips and others have the same material throughout. While there are several different options available as far as the exact number of layers of material or even the specific types of materials that make up these layers are concerned, winter gloves almost always feature Nomex as the outer layer because it works so well. Although there are some newer materials that are currently being researched and even a few that have made it onto the market, this is by far the one that is most popular, even to this day.

When you decide to purchase a pair of winter gloves, find out which ones typically perform well. Once you know which brands to keep your eyes peeled for, you can make a shopping trip. Be sure to try on each pair of gloves that you are considering purchasing. Try doing a few different things with them such as putting on and taking off your glasses, writing a note, or even using your cell phone. See how well each pair works for you and then choose the one that you like the best.