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What Parents Need to Learn from Kids in Wheels

Kids in Wheels is a webpage which helps parents get all the information they need when it comes to teaching their kids how to ride a bike and what type of bikes they should be using. All the information parents will read on this webpage will surely help them understand more the precious journey of teaching a kid how to ride a bike; as everyone may know, the first time is always a memorable one.

Things Parents Need to Know What Kids in Wheels are All About

Parents want nothing but the best for their kids. If they want their kids to have the best experience during their journey on learning how to ride a bike, a parent must know when and how to encourage their kids whenever they encounter difficulties when pedalling a bike and balancing their selves. Also, there is an appropriate age wherein parents are advised to already start teaching their kids and this is when their motor skills have already developed; usually between the ages 1 to 2. But if parents want to start early, it is recommended that they first buy a stroller which will help the kids develop and strengthen their muscles; as well as their overall motor skills. When they feel that their kid is already ready, they may then proceed with purchasing a bike.

Other than different pieces of advice from experts and parents, people will also find a comparison of highly recommended bikes for kids according to what parents are looking for in a bike.

A Checklist When Buying a Bike

Safety of one’s child always comes first. That is why when it comes to purchasing a real bike for kids and not just a stroller, parents need to always have this checklist ready.

First is the geometry of the bike. Parents need to make sure that their kids are very comfortable riding and getting off the bike.

Second is every parent need to make sure that the brake is effective and it is working. Just in case a kid can no longer control the speed of their bike, what they can do is use the brake to slow down until totally stopping. If low-maintenance and affordable is the kind of brake parents are looking for, they should check out coaster brakes.

Third, the height of the kid’s seat also plays an important role in making them comfortable while riding the bike. What parents need to make sure is when a kid is sitting on the bike, their feet should be able to touch the ground.

Fourth, kids are curious by nature. They will most likely not only stick on the road, but they will want to ride their bike to muddy and rocky terrain. This is why it is recommended that the tires must be made of good quality which also can be used in different terrains.

Fifth, a bike that is light in weight makes it easy for kids to pick it up on the ground and simply maneuver it.

Lastly, the gearing needs to be checked too. Although a kid’s bike mostly only has one gear, parents need to make sure that it is suitable for its user.