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Why Speed Variation in Blenders Matter?

There are several factors you need to consider when shopping for a blender. The first thing that comes into mind for most buyers is the power the blender’s power. Yes, this aspect has an immense influence on the appliance’s performance. However, there are also other crucial factors that you need to remember besides power. And one of them is the blender’s speed.

A blender with selectable speed is a good option rather than those without this feature. The speed variations and control settings allow the blender to do more aside from crushing ingredients. Here are the reasons why you must have a blender with many speed options.

#1 Enhance Smoothness

If you are the type of person who loves smoothly blended shakes or smoothies, then, you should choose a blender with speed variations. The faster a blender can go, the smoother the drink becomes. And together with a powerful motor, it can crush even toughest ingredients into tiny bits of pieces.

#2 Texture

Not all prefer a soft smoothie and shake. If you are one of those who love a bit of texture on their smoothies, a blender with a slower speed can help you achieve such texture. The extra texture adds flavor and variety to the drink.

#3 Gradual Rise of Speed to Avoid Overheating

When it comes to blending tough food, experts suggest starting slow and gradually increase the speed to pulverize the ingredients.

Blasting on high-speed causes the blender to overheat; the engine has to work more since the blades will require additional power to produce friction and blend the food. The selectable speed enables you to begin slow and raise the speed step by step to avoid overheating.

#4 Sensitive Ingredients

Take note that some ingredients are sensitive to heat. For example, tomatoes slightly change its flavor when in contact with high temperature. It also increases the acidity of the food, which can be bad for acidic individuals.

The selectable speed prevents the blades from heating the ingredients due to friction. Thus, it assures sensitive food is blended properly and prevents ruining the natural oil of ingredients.

What’s the Best Example of Blender with Speed Options?

If you are looking for a blender with multiple speed settings, why not check this fantastic blender from Oster.

The Oster Pro 1200 features seven different speed settings. This feature lets you prepare various types of recipes from smoothies, shakes, baby food, salsa, sauces, purees, and many more. Likewise, the speed control enables you to achieve the right flavor and texture you prefer.

The power and speed combo of Oster Pro 1200 offers lots of food preparation opportunities to users. Whether you are a simple smoothie lover, a health-conscious person, or a professional in the kitchen, the Oster Pro 1200 has all the defining characteristics of an impressive modern blender.

Where to Find Oster Pro 1200?

There is more to Oster Pro 1200 than what meets the eye. Find out additional information about this blender through reliable review sources like the Prime Shop Kitchen. The reviews at this source will help you find out more details about this product from its technical aspects down to its uses and drawbacks.