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Work in Comfort: Compression Socks for Nurses

A nurse’s job requires standing for a long period time and walking around the hospital. They need to check their patients from time to time, go to the pharmacy and visit different labs for their patient’s test results. As they spend a lot of time in their feet, it causes fatigue to their legs, feelings of intense soreness or pain associated for standing for a long period.

Why do standing for a long period of time causes soreness?

Any form of pain or soreness felt in one’s leg can have many causes. But when the nature of the job of a person includes remaining standing for hours, the soreness may be cause by the build-up of fluid in the veins which can also lead to other conditions like appearance of varicose veins caused by the tearing of the vein’s valves which causes blood not to circulate that well.

Experts have found a solution to avoid having this burning sensations and extreme pain causing discomfort while nurses are working. In this article, read why nurses should use compression socks.

  • Using a compression socks can reduce soreness or even swelling in some extreme cases. Because of the tightness of a compression socks, it applies pressure to the leg causing the blood to be forced to circulate in your leg and move upward back to your heart.
  • It can improve the blood circulation through stabilizing the tissues in the muscles in the leg to lessen or avoid swelling in the leg.
  • Having a varicose vein can be hideous to look at when wearing a skirt, shorts or dress when this condition is disregarded. Though wearing a compression socks, it can help reduce the likeliness of the appearance of varicose veins through helping the swelling in the feet.
  • Lastly and the most important part, it can give comfort for the entire shift when one is working making sure that the user can focus on their job well instead of feeling all the soreness and pain in their legs.

Different kinds of compression socks

A compression socks comes in different designs, sizes, and length. It can come from trendy and fashionable designs. Also, it is available in different sizes making sure what whoever needs it can use it. When it comes to length, there are three different kinds to choose from depending on the location of the pain the user is feeling.

  • Knee-level compression socks – the coverage of this compression socks starts from the foot of the user protecting the ankles, up to the user’s knee protecting the calf of the user’s leg.
  • Thigh-level compression socks – the coverage of this compression socks starts from the ankles up to the user’s thigh. This is best for people who have varicose veins popping near their knees making sure that the part of the leg where these veins are popping is covered as well.
  • Full-length compression socks – this compression socks is usually used by pregnant women who experiences extreme swelling in their leg from standing for a long period of time and because of the pressure coming from their uterus.

Working as a nurse and working long period of time in shifts can we difficult especially when it comes with experiencing leg fatigues. With compression stockings, our nurses are given the chance to work in their shift in comfort according to what compression socks they need.