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Buyer’s Guide: Buying a Mattress in an Actual Store versus Buying a Mattress Online

Are you currently confused where should you buy your mattress? Is it online or an actual store?

While many consumers believe that there are several unforeseen dangers of buying an item online, there are also consumers who are thankful with the convenience of online shopping, where they no longer need to leave the comforts of their homes.

In terms of consumer satisfaction when purchasing mattresses, several studies have suggested that online purchase is more beneficial than purchasing mattresses at an actual store. However, to be in the neutral side, here are the pros and cons of purchasing mattresses online or at an actual store.

Pros of purchasing a mattress in a store

•    There are resellers that allow their potential buyers to lie on the mattress before purchasing.
•    Store retailers provide full service in terms of delivery; they are dedicated when it comes to same-day or next-day delivery.
•    It is easy to return the mattress, in case of delivery mishandling.
•    You’ll be able to personally scrutinize the quality of the mattress and find some of its flaws.

Cons of purchasing a mattress in a store

•    Each store has limited displays and stocks of different brands or types of mattresses that you can choose from; thus, you need to visit a few stores to find the right mattress, which can be troublesome and tiresome.
•    There are a few details on the mattresses’ specifications and materials that you can get from the retailers’ sales personnel.
•    There are fewer discounts when purchasing a mattress at some actual store.
•    Potential consumers are at risk of purchasing an old stock of any mattress brand.
•    Potential buyers may have challenges of deciding which mattress to purchase due to sales pressure.
•    there is an inadequate time when trying out the mattress.

Pros of purchasing a mattress online

  • Convenient; potential buyers do not need to leave the comforts of their home.
  • Most of the brands of mattresses sold online have bigger discounts than the store. There are reputable online resellers that offer coupons and discount codes that can help reduce the actual price of the mattress; for instance, Nolah mattress is a reputable manufacturer of high-end mattresses in the market today, offers Nolah Mattress Coupons and Discount Codes for easy and affordable purchase.
  • Customer service is excellent, especially when explaining the actual mattress specification and materials.
  • There is a huge variety of brand and types of mattresses that the consumers can choose from.
  • All items displayed online are new.
  • Consumer satisfaction rate is high.
  • Adequate time to try; thanks to the trial period program.

Cons of purchasing a mattress online

  • Returning the item can be challenging.
  • Delivery speed may be compromised due to unforeseen weather and geographical conditions.

Final Verdict

While it is obvious that it is more advantageous to purchase a mattress online than purchasing from an actual store, you still need to make sure that the mattress that you are about to purchase must be from a reliable source.