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Creative Labs EP-630 In-Ear Headphones Review

The best earphones should have an ergonomic design that enables users to wear them for extended periods without feeling uncomfortable. In addition, they should give you superb noise cancellation, which will enable you to enjoy quality, crisp and powerful music sounds.

In this Creative Labs EP-630 In-Ear Headphones Review, we’ll look at reasons why you need to buy this device. Remember Creative has an excellent reputation when it comes to making affordable and quality PC audio equipment. With the Creative EP-630 in-ear headphones, you will get the best service.

Features and Benefits


The Creative Labs EP-630 headphones have a lightweight, elegant and small construction. That said, they provide you with incredible and clear sounds even when they are in lower frequencies. If you’re looking for earbuds that offer you deep, powerful and fun sounds, you should choose this brand. You’ll enjoy listening to music for long hours without feeling fatigued or uncomfortable.

Good Build Quality

These earbuds will last for a long time as a result of their build quality. That means you will find them the best option for use in the outdoors, gym and at home.

Incredible Noise Isolating Features

When shopping for earbuds, one of the most important things you should consider is if they offer you noise isolating features. With the Creative Labs EP-630 headphones, what you get is a simple design with noise isolating features. They are appealing to the eye and look more expensive than they actually are.

Elegant and Sleek Design

The headphones and earphones market is full of many brands that target the younger generation. If you’re looking for a sleek device, you should consider this model. For instance, you’ll find the white model to be an excellent option for pairing with an iPod or iPhone.

Cost Effective Addition

These noise cancellation earphones enable you to listen to music without being disturbed by outside noise. This makes them an excellent option for use in your morning commute. They are available in black and white, meaning you can choose one that suits you.


  • The Creative Labs EP-630 headphones provide users with excellent sound quality
  • They have a sleek look and a small design
  • They provide you with incredible sound isolating abilities
  • You’ll enjoy listening to a powerful and firm bass
  • Their low impendence enables you to drive them from many types of music players


  • The cable may be prone to microphonics
  • When using them, they may fall off, which means you should be careful


The Creative Labs EP-630 headphones are good value for money. They are clear in both mid-range and high range, meaning you will enjoy listening to music. You can use these in-ear headphones with your laptop, although you should remember they are designed for MP3 players.

You’ll love their sound quality and impressive bass. The powerful 9mm transducer is the reason why you enjoy these music sound qualities. It providers clear treble and subsonic bass. You will find these headphones to be the best companion in your outdoor routines or for a morning commute.