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Five Criteria to Remember When Shopping a Power Bank

When your work depends on using a phone, you really have to get a power bank.

A power bank is a portable charger for mobile devices. This device is extremely helpful and a great lifesaver especially to a frequent traveler. Having a power bank can help you fully utilize your gadgets while on a trip.

If you don’t have a power bank, now is the right time to get one. And to guide you in searching for the best power bank in the market, below are the top five criteria you must follow.

#1 Determine the Capacity you Need

The primary attribute of a power bank is its capacity. The capacity of this device is measured in milliAmpere Hour (mAH). When you buy a power bank, it is the first thing a salesperson would ask you. The best rule of thumb when selecting a power bank is that the more mAH rating it has means the more capacity it contains.

If you buy a power bank with a 1500mAH battery, it can fully charge a phone whereas, a 5200mAH can recharge two phones and one tablet in approximately 50% power. And, if you have a 10000mAH power bank, you can charge four phones and a tablet with such capacity.

#2 Charging Capability

Older power banks don’t have a USB charging capability. In today’s latest power bank versions, most of them have a USB port and features a separate cable. It is important to choose a power bank with more charging capabilities.

#3 Portability

Not all power banks feature a convenient size. Some are a bit bulky and heavy. Thus, you also have to consider the portability of a power bank before buying. It is best to pick such a device which is slimmer and less heavy. Also, select one which you can immediately pack on a small pouch or bag.

#4 Review of the Brand

Now, it is crucial to identify the reputation of the brand before deciding to buy it. Doing so helps you to determine the facets and the pros and cons of the product. And, you won’t regret your choices and the money you spend on the product as well.

One of the best sources of power bank reviews is The Power Your Gadget provides detailed information about the bestseller power bank brands in the market. This source also gives guidelines and tips concerning power banks.

#5 Pricing

Apart from the specifications of a power bank, you have to take in mind the price of the item. It is one factor you have to consider before buying one. Though you might be searching for a budget-friendly power bank, always take in mind to select one that has the basic features.

Would you like to find out more about how to choose a cost-efficient power bank? Check out the Power your Gadget for details. Likewise, see this source for more product reviews and advice about this device.

No more worrying about your gadgets running out of battery! All you need is a high-quality and efficient power bank.