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YardForce 1600-PSI 1.2-GMP 3-in-1 Electric Pressure Washer Review

Introducing to you the pressure washer with a difference

Keeping your home clean can be overwhelming when you get stubborn paint on the walls, dried mud stains on the pathway and when you look at your vehicle, it lacks the original shine that drew you to buy it in the first place. You have spent your day working in the office, or the house and the energy to start scrubbing away is not there. Yes, cleanliness is mandatory, but you do not have to break your back doing it. Technology is here to make every task; cleaning included, more comfortable for you, so allow me to let you in on the secret to quick cleaning.

Great power

The secret is YardForce 1600-PSI 1.2-GMP 3-in-1 Electric Pressure Washer. This machine has so much power despite its small size. Though sturdy, it does not damage the surfaces of your treasured deck but has power suffice to spotlessly clean the toughest stains on your driveway. The machine makes a very minimal sound, so you do not have to worry about noisy cleaning. However, for areas around the house that go beyond 12 feet above the ground, you will need an extension to the pressure wand.

Portable and fully assembled

This pressure washer comes fully assembled, and you can use it immediately you pull it out of the box. You do not have to crack your brain wondering which part goes where or spend a few more dollars getting someone to do it for you. Its small size makes it portable therefore you will not break your back moving it to any spot within your home you want to clean or damage the surfaces by dragging it around. Besides, it has a soap tank too.

Storage compartments might be small

Well, nothing is perfect under the sun, and the washer has some cons too though you can deal with them quickly. The YardForce 1600 washer has designated compartments to store away the electrical cord and hose. Some customers view the chambers as too small and quite a headache when putting the cable and hose back in. However, users are advised to coil the cord into the storage compartment instead of coiling it while outside, which also helps to give you the option of pulling out only the length you need. The recommendation as well provides you with the pleasure of the cord coming out untangled.

Needs periodical cooling off to avoid overheating

The 1600 pressure washer also needs some time to cool off for around 5 minutes after each half hour of use, failure to which it overheats, and you get frustrated because it will not turn back on. It has a thermal regulator that shuts it off but since the manual recommends allowing it rest periodically, it is always wise to follow the manual and avoid unnecessary hiccups in your cleaning.

There you have it; the cleaning companion you need to have your home sparkling clean. Very affordable and you no longer have the excuse of having dirty pathways or muddy vehicles.